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Mrs. Abbiegail Hugine Publishes Book

09 Apr 2022 10:38 PM | Ane Debro (Administrator)

Winter 2021 - Mrs. Abbiegail Hugine has started her retirement by publishing a book, “There Must Be Something in the Water: Anthology of the Fourth Generation: Descendants of Green Pond after the Emancipation”. A small rural community in the Low Country along Ocean Highway, Green Pond, South Carolina, has long lacked cultural and educational opportunities for its young people's future success. Still, many have gone on to serve in the highest levels of education, government, public service, elected office, business, and medicine. So much success against the odds suggests surely There Must Be Something in the Water. Mrs. Abbiegail Hugine chronicles the impact just 42 of Green Pond's many children have gone on to make in the world. These inspirational stories prove that, regardless of one's background, we can all find our own paths toward greatness.

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