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greater Huntsville (al)

Chapter History





Chartered September 20, 1997


On February 17, 1994, twenty-five ladies with common interest assembled at the Holiday Inn, in Huntsville, Alabama, to evaluate the feasibility of organizing a group of diverse women who were aspiring to become a part of The Links, Incorporated.  The organizer was Gladys Brown Davis with assistance from Michelle Dees and Katrina Ross.  After a lengthy discussion and careful planning, the group organized with two objectives:  to provide programs of service to enhance our community, and to foster strong bonds of friendship among the members. 

Olivia Sanders, Ed.D. later coined a name for the interest group entitled: “Ladies Addressing Serious Situations in Everyday Society” (L.A.S.S.E.S).  There were twenty-two active members of the interest group working together to make a positive impact in the community.  These members had very diverse professions and were community leaders in their own right.  Their careers included: a librarian, a speech pathologist, a state legislator, a city planner, a physician, a lawyer, and a dentist.  In addition, there were educators, administrators, governmental employees, and business executives.


On September 20, 1997, twenty-two (22) members were inducted into Greater Huntsville Chapter and were actively involved in supporting many worthwhile endeavors in the Huntsville, Madison, Morgan, and Limestone County areas.  The Charter members of the chapter are Eva Adams (who transferred to Greater Huntsville from the Delaware Chapter at the time of chartering), Betty Batts, Jocelyn Jones, J.D., Katie W. Byrd, Ed.D., Mary Chambers, Linda Crawford, D.M.D., Brenda Davis, Gladys Brown Davis, Constance Dees, Ed.D., Michelle Dees, Kimberly Ford, Patricia Ford, Laura Hall, Vivian Aboko-Cole, M.D., Patricia Johnson, Gina Jones, Jeanette Jones, Ph.D., Gladys C. Nance, Evelyn S. Rich, Katrina Ross, Monica Sanders, Olivia Sanders, Ed.D., and Madelyn Sams.

The persons who led the interest group, also served as the first officers for Greater Huntsville Chapter.  These officers included:  Gladys Brown Davis, President; Linda Crawford, D.M.D., Vice President; Patricia D. Ford, Secretary; Katie W. Byrd, Ed.D., Financial Secretary; Constance Dees, Ed.D., Corresponding Secretary; Gina E. Jones, Treasurer.  Of the twenty-three members, (7) are deceased, (2) transferred to Birmingham area chapters, (4) transferred to alumna status, and (7) have maintained their membership status within Greater Huntsville.  New members were inducted in 2001, 2004, 2005, 2007, 2014, 2016, 2020, 2021 and several new members have transferred in from all over the country.


Greater Huntsville Chapter has grown and flourished under the leadership of the following presidents:  Gladys Brown Davis (1997-99); Linda Crawford Bradley, D.M.D. (1999-2001); Gladys C. Nance*(2001-2003); Olivia H. Sanders, Ed.D. (2002-2003) who graciously completed the term of office for Gladys C. Nance upon her death; Jeanette Jones, Ph.D. (2003-2007); Michelle Gilliam Jordan (2007-2009); Brenda Davis (2009 – 2013); Jeanette Jones, Ph.D. (2013 - 2017); Kimberly A. Ford, J.D. (2017-2019); Sharon H. Butler (2019-2023) and Richele Jordan-Davis (2023- present).


Chapter programs and activities are organized under the standing committees and national program facets with emphasis on the interest and needs of the chapter members.  All programs fall under one of the five program linkages:  The Arts, Services to Youth, National Trends and Services, International Trends and Services and Health and Human Services.  Over the years, we have developed bonds of friendship, and worked diligently to address various situations and needs in the communities of Huntsville, Madison, Morgan and Limestone Counties.


Greater Huntsville (AL) Chapter of The Links, Incorporated

P.O. Box 18804

Huntsville, AL 35804


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